Paris Climate Talks – what they mean for your investments

WHAT AUSTRALIANS THINK ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE In short, we’re confused. Nearly half the people who completed the CSIRO’s survey more than once over the past five years changed their mind. Some changed it more than once, and some appeared to do it in the course of filling out the survey. Those who said they don't believe climate change is happening at all also attributed (on average) over a third of the climate change that is happening to humans. The basic 2015 stats were: 46% believe humans are to blame for climate change 39% think climate change is natural 8% think it isn’t really happening 7% don’t know. Source: CSIRO, 2015

A Greek tragedy?

OUR THOUGHTS ARE WITH RESIDENTS OF GREECE AT THIS DIFFICULT TIME The Greek economy has been in a state of depression for years already. Now people are standing in line for hours to withdraw the maximum daily allowed amount of €60 euros from ATMs, and mothers are stocking up on medicine and baby formula.