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Tax Reform – what will it mean for us?

MALCOLM TURNBULL’S “PRECONDITIONS” 1. “We are not going to raise more tax overall.” 2. “Any changes are going to be rigorously fair.” 3. “They’ve got to drive jobs and growth.” How will they rein in the budget deficit then? Expenditure is the other side of the equation - possibly starting with using the private sector to administer Medicare, Aged Care, and/or the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

Make your property investment a success – start by getting the strategy right

PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE AND INVOLVEMENT One of the advantages of direct property investment over shares (or property funds – which we will cover in a separate article soon) is that small investors can apply their own knowledge and involvement to make their investment more successful. Knowledge of the local area (or of a regional or tourism area), experience dealing with strata bodies and councils and of renovating properties, can all make a big difference.